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Blog Post Property Management 101

Property Management 101

If you're like us and enjoy listening to podcasts throughout your day, then make sure the next one of your list features our CEO, Janet Fields. Janet speaks as a podcast guest with Emily Cox from Onyx Design Collaborative.  This podcast discusses everything you...
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Blog Post The Best Areas To Invest In Charleston

The Best Areas To Invest In Charleston

The Charleston area has many subdivisions ranging from beach locations to master-planned communities.  As a result, Charleston has one of the hottest markets in terms of rental properties. Now is the time to start growing your investment portfolio to take advantage of the ma...
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Blog Post The OTP Performance Guarantees

The OTP Performance Guarantees

 Our performance guarantees stand out from the rest because our team of experts have strategically created our guarantees to ensure your investment property's success. A 2021 Property Industry report indicates the essential qualities to an investor. These items are...Rel...
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Blog Post Understanding Real Estate Property Class

Understanding Real Estate Property Class

 You’ve decided to purchase an investment property. Now, where do you begin? Deciding on which investment property location is right for you can be an overwhelming process. Here at Oak Trust Properties, we most certainly know that the early stages of the who, what, whe...
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Blog Post Common Mistakes You Can Make When You Self-Manage

Common Mistakes You Can Make When You Self-Manage

 As an investor, we know that the goal is for you to love your property management company! We often find that self-managing can diminish the love for your investment property. Self-managing can often lead to unexpected setbacks and stress. If you want to love your investmen...
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Blog Post Why You Should Choose OTP

Why You Should Choose OTP

 In 2021, we are focusing on helping you build the property portfolio of your dreams. Our performance guarantees  are a major part of why you should choose Oak Trust Properties to manage your investment property. Our markers here at Oak Trust Properties are faster resul...
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Blog Post Q & A with Keith Harmon

Q & A with Keith Harmon

Our Director of New Business and Marketing, Keith Harmon, was given a few questions about his time working at Oak Trust Properties and his future hopes.The following questions were posed to Keith:1)  What is your favorite memory of working at Oak Trust Properties?&...
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Blog Post Oakie of the Year

Oakie of the Year

Our Annual Oakie of the Year award goes to ......... Rachel Knight!!!Our team has spoken and here are a few things they said about Rachel and why she is Oakie of the Year!She really encompasses our core values and I can always rely on her to help me if I ever need anything! ...
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Blog Post Thank You

Thank You

As November comes to a close, the OTP team is taking the time to look back on what we are thankful for this year and for the years to come!! Check it out now! Thank you.
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Blog Post The Importance of Proper Pricing

The Importance of Proper Pricing

Your home is finally ready to be listed on the market. The work orders have been completed. The home has just had professional marketing photos completed and all that is left is to finalize the rental rate of the home for the listing.This decision can be the difference between yo...
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