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Q & A with Keith Harmon

Q & A with Keith Harmon

Our Director of New Business and Marketing, Keith Harmon, was given a few questions about his time working at Oak Trust Properties and his future hopes.

The following questions were posed to Keith:

1)  What is your favorite memory of working at Oak Trust Properties?

“Honestly, it is a lot of different memories,” Harmon explains, “One of my favorite memories is helping homeowners who want or need to achieve a specific goal and actually delivering on those goals.”

Some of the specific goals a homeowner may have are:

  • The need to get their property rented in a specific timeframe. This often appears when a homeowner is trying to buy a home somewhere else.
  • The need for good quality tenants
  • The need for passive income monthly
  • Trust and communication

All in all, our Director of New Business and Marketing wants to be able to get this job done for homeowners whether it’s getting their home rented within 30 days or finding good quality tenants.

2) What are you looking forward to in 2021 with regards to Oak Trust Properties? 

Keith Harmon has worked for Oak Trust Properties for many years. He pondered on his previous work years as he explained what he looks forward to in 2021. “Honestly, it’s growth. Oak Trust has put a lot of steps in place in order for us to grow. I think 2021 is going to be the year where we are able to do so.”

3) What do you enjoy most about working at OTP? 

Harmon enjoys the success that OTP homeowners are able to achieve. Whether you are a one-time owner renting your property out or an investor with multiple properties, OTP works with you to make your goals achievable.

“The thing I most enjoy about working at Oak Trust is helping homeowners go down the path towards achieving some sort of success or whatever their goals are,” Harmon described, “I love seeing that achieved for them.”

How about you? What are your favorite memories working with Oak Trust Properties? We’d love to hear about it!