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The OTP Performance Guarantees

The OTP Performance Guarantees


Our performance guarantees stand out from the rest because our team of experts have strategically created our guarantees to ensure your investment property's success. A 2021 Property Industry report indicates the essential qualities to an investor. These items are...

  1. Reliable and trustworthy
  2. Knowledge and experienced
  3. Quick to respond and quick communication

Our performance guarantees are created based on our expert knowledge in the property management industry and understanding of the needs and stress that investment owners can often find themselves facing. These items align with the desires seen in the above study. The OTP performance guarantees: 

1) Response We will respond to your calls, emails, and texts within one business day, or that month's management fee is waived! 

2) Better Residents. If the tenant we place in the property gets evicted within the first 12 months, we will refund the leasing fee! 

3) Leasing If we do not find a tenant within 30 days under our recommended marketing plan, we will waive the first month’s management fee! 

4) Inspections A periodic inspection is completed annually, or a month’s management fee is waived! 

5) Satisfaction If you are not happy with our service, you can cancel anytime with a 60-day notice!