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Why You Should Choose OTP

Why You Should Choose OTP


In 2021, we are focusing on helping you build the property portfolio of your dreams. Our performance guarantees  are a major part of why you should choose Oak Trust Properties to manage your investment property. Our markers here at Oak Trust Properties are faster results, better residents, and satisfaction guaranteed. According to the 2020 Property Management Report by NARPM, 44% of homeowners agree that quick response time and good communication are some of the most important qualities they want their property management team to have. Three in four owners agree that reliability and trustworthiness are the most important qualities. This report also found that 78% of owners want regular updates from their property management team regarding their rental properties. This report concluded that the top three stresses owners have when working with a property management company are:

  1. Maintenance
  2. Finding a manager
  3. Filling vacancies

At Oak Trust Properties, our performance guarantees are built around these stressors that may occur and to make the management of your property a breeze. Faster Results  Our team guarantees faster results within our leasing. Our leasing team’s goal is to get your rental property leased within 30 days from when it is placed on the market. With our stunning marketing photos and video walk-throughs, our properties are listed on over 90 websites. Our recommended marketing plan has proven to be successful. Although, Oak Trust Properties guarantees if we do not find a tenant within 30 days under our recommended marketing plan, we will waive the first month’s management fee! Not only do we have faster results in our leasing department, but we also have quick results when it comes to maintenance and property repairs. Our property managers use their expertise to make sure when it comes to repairs to not only fix those repairs but to halt any potential secondary damage that may occur. Our property managers handle all the coordination between tenants and our team of trusted and insured vendors. 

Our team also has a 24/7 emergency maintenance line for any issues that may occur after business hours. Inspections Our team does not only manage work orders. Our property managers will also complete detailed inspections of your property. We guarantee a periodic inspection is completed annually or a month’s management fee is waived. Along with our speedy leasing, we also have a five-point screening system to help keep your investment property protected. Our five-point screening system includes a background, employer, eviction, rental history, and credit check. We complete an intensive employer check on applicants to ensure that they are working where their application and pay stubs claim. Unfortunately, we have seen many fake pay stubs, offer letters and even bank statements. Luckily, our five-point screening system is set up to prevent the above issues from occurring. One of our performance guarantees includes if the resident we place in your property gets evicted within the first 12 months, we will refund the leasing fee! Satisfaction Guaranteed  We want to ensure that we are bringing the best quality service to you and your property, which means, of course, satisfaction is one of our top priorities and an OTP performance guarantee. If you are not happy with our service, you can cancel anytime with a 60-day notice! Response Time We are the most responsive property management team. 

We have heard from other owners before how hard it can be to get in touch with their property management team. At Oak Trust Properties, we aim to have expert communication with our homeowners and residents. We will respond to your calls, emails, and texts within 1 business day, or that month's management fee is waived! If you don’t believe us just check out our testimonials and reviews for yourself.  Our clients speak to their amazing experience that we provide for their properties. We have a library of educational resources on our website and Facebook page that can help you learn more about the field of property management within the Charleston area. To find out more about the services Oak Trust Properties offers please give us a call at (843) 804-9991. We look forward to hearing from you and making your property management experience a breeze!