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Oakie of the Year

Oakie of the Year

Our Annual Oakie of the Year award goes to ......... Rachel Knight!!!

Our team has spoken and here are a few things they said about Rachel and why she is Oakie of the Year!

  • She really encompasses our core values and I can always rely on her to help me if I ever need anything! She is such an amazing person to work with and know.
  • She really embodies openness and does an amazing job with showing us not to be scared to exchange ideas and listen to others. She truly listens to your problem and works with you to create a solution.
  • She empowers those around her. She is always looking to improve and always wants team members to improve as well.
  • Always has a smile on her face even though some of the toughest rocks!
  • She does so much for our OTP team. She helps keep everyone organized and makes sure we all celebrate! She is a huge part as to why our OTP culture is what it is.
  • She has grown a lot and really stepped up to the plate! She is always willing to help out and is quick to celebrate our wins!
  • She is honestly a delight to work with! Her personality shines and is contagious to be around. She shows Oakie core values daily from talking through tough areas that have helped me grow so much throughout the year to laughing and staying positive each day! She is a true team player
  • I have seen an enormous amount of growth in her and it cannot go unnoticed. She has really opened herself up to hearing other people's perspectives.
  • She definitely displays teamwork, positivity, and always trying to find new ways to make Oak Trust better and makes it a priority to try to gather us all together.
  • Without a doubt, she works hard and definitely knows how to celebrate.

If you want to share your congratulations to Rachel please check out our Facebook page and Google review page.

Congratulations Rachel!!!