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Optimizing Investments and Maximizing Returns – A Podcast with Janet Fields

Optimizing Investments and Maximizing Returns – A Podcast with Janet Fields


Massive Passive Cashflow is a podcast that guides professionals to financial prosperity. The host, Gary Wilson, offers investing insights and cashflow advice to aspiring and current investors. He asked our own CEO of OakTrust Properties, Janet Fields, for a look into her experience as part of a family-owned property management business that she now leads. About her company and expertise, she explains, “We have worked hard to systemize the business to reduce as much risk and loss as possible for investors, so we can deliver the most value. We try to anticipate our client’s needs and give them the best returns possible. That’s why we’re here. Because our investors are winning, we’re winning.”

It’s this level of dedication to her business that makes Fields one of the best professionals in the business to listen to if you’re interested in getting into property management and real estate investment. She’s mastered the changes in the market in South Carolina, and she continues to thrive in the post-Covid era of real estate management, “We have very low inventory, properties are moving fast, and our pipeline of interested people is overfilled.”

In this episode, “Optimizing Investments and Maximizing Returns,” Fields answers questions and offers listeners a unique, strategic approach to optimizing their returns. She even gives tips to would-be investors who are looking to break into real estate for the first time by offering a checklist of must-dos before they buy, including:

  • What is the market like?
  • What are your days on market in the area?
  • What do homes rent at in your area?
  • What are the taxes, insurance, and real estate rates? 

But that’s not all. In addition to these priceless insights, she offers advice on properties to manage, how to handle clients with pets, what to do when a client can’t make rent, and more. 

If you’re interested in real estate and property investment, this episode is a must listen for you. Fields stresses that this sort of helpful advice is just one of the many services OakTrust Properties offers. She explains, “We love to get as much information as possible. We also have a free marketing plan you can download right on our site. We can get you comps, properties to look at, and more. You’ll get information that only people that live and work in this area could know.” Ultimately, they’ve built a business around empowering real estate investors to make money. 

Don’t go into real estate investment blind—check out this must-listen episode today. 



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