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Turnkey Property Management: Is In-House or Third-Party Better?

Turnkey Property Management: Is In-House or Third-Party Better?

Summerville, SC, is an excellent family-friendly city, close to charming Charleston. It's home to safe neighborhoods and outstanding schools, making it a popular place to raise children.

These aspects make Summerville a fantastic option for investing in rental properties if you're up for all the hard work involved in being a landlord. Owning investment properties involves ongoing maintenance, rent collection, marketing, and a host of other time-consuming responsibilities.

You could opt for hiring a property manager instead of doing everything yourself, but the question is, "Is it worth paying extra for turnkey property management?" Read on to find out.

DIY Property Management Benefits

The biggest advantage of in-house rental management is that you retain control of everything to do with your property. You can set your rental rates, select your tenants, build relationships with them, and ensure you meet all their needs.

A personal touch can help you keep your finger on the pulse of changing rental property trends and increase tenant retention.

DIY property management is never plain sailing, though. It's extremely time-consuming, especially if you own more than one rental unit, and can be stressful at times.

You need to be on-call around the clock to deal with any emergency repairs or tenant queries and stay up-to-date with a host of routine maintenance tasks.

Unless you have a certain level of expertise and experience, you could easily end up feeling frustrated and overwhelmed or making costly mistakes.

Benefits of Turnkey Property Management

Hiring a property management team is the best way to reduce stress and free up your time. These experts manage every aspect of your rental property seamlessly to provide a hassle-free experience for you and your tenants.

Their knowledge of local landlord-tenant laws ensures you are always compliant, and their industry connections ensure you enjoy good prices and service for maintenance and repairs.

Turnkey property management services attend to important things like:

When you outsource these tasks, you can better focus on growing your rental business for increased profitability.

The only thing you lose is control over the day-to-day operations of your rental property. A property management firm can often save you enough money to make up for their monthly fees several times over.

Get the Help You Need Now

Maintaining control over your rental properties does have benefits, but outsourcing property management helps free up your time, reduce stress, and give you peace of mind.

If you're wary of becoming just another landlord on a long list of rental management firm clients, Oaktrust Properties is the right turnkey property management partner for you.

At Oaktrust Properties, we love what we do, making it easy for us to best represent the interests of landlords and tenants through excellent communication and dedicated, personalized service. Our range of professional property management services makes owning a South Carolina investment property easy and stress-free.

Explore the benefits of turnkey property management in Summerville, SC, today.