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Oak Trust Properties Renewals

Oak Trust Properties Renewals

We love renewals here at Oak Trust Properties! Renewals can often be the best situation for our owners and tenants.

Renewals result in:

  • Happier tenants
  • Lower costs for our owners
  • Zero vacancy loss

Our renewal process follows this process:

  • We already have a good, quality tenant in place at the property.
  • We will complete an inspection close to the pending renewal timeframe. We want to check in that the home is being maintained. If not, depending on the situation we may not recommend a renewal.
  • If the property is in good condition, our Oak Trust Properties team will reach out around 90 days before the end of the lease to discuss the potential renewal.
  • We can most certainly provide additional information such as updated market trends and surrounding competitors.
  • Once the rental rate and lease terms have been decided, your property manager will send over the lease renewal to the tenants.
  • Once the new lease agreement is signed, it will be sent your way!

It’s as easy as that!

If there is any additional information that we can provide for you please let us know and we look forward to hearing from you soon!

Thank you