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What to expect from your property manager? An owners story.

Danielle Miner - Friday, February 17, 2017

I am a homeowner who has been using Oak Trust management since summer of 2016. I began working with Oak Trust when a neighbor recommended specifically Courtney from the company. We are a military family and needed to relocate, but knew we would be relocating back eventually. We were very concerned with the upkeep of our family home, especially as a new build purchase that we planned to return to. We have small children, and animals, yet kept the home in good condition. We wanted reassurance that's what we would return to. 
Affordable Maintenance
I was impressed that Oak Trust saves homeowners money by not charging the homeowner hidden upkeep fees, and also uses many of their own maintenance companies. I had the chance to work with one of their repair men before leaving the area, James, and we enjoyed him so much, my husband hired him for personal things he wanted done. James pricing's were fair and better than comparable. Which means if there is an issue, you know you aren't getting overcharged to get it fixed with Oak Trust's choice. In our time having a tenant, we have had one bathroom issue. My husband and I couldn't believe the affordable price it was for Oak Trust to fix the issue for our tenant. 

Online Portal and Transparency

There is a portal set up where you can view where your money is going, so we were aware of the exact cost, and date, of the bathroom problem. You are also emailed when money is being deposited. As far as first time fees, Oak Trust uses the same websites for advertising as larger companies, while charging half the advertising fee. In addition to the large advertising websites, Courtney advertises on her personal time. Our home was put up, and rented, within the month of posting. We did not have to lower our asking price. Courtney was a huge help in getting our home rented so quickly. 

The Expert Team

In the time working with her, Courtney has always been very friendly, but she takes her job seriously. She has that kind touch, but also stern and orderly. She sets realistic expectations for our home, and myself as a homeowner, as well as my tenant to follow regulations. She stays on top of us to meet these expectations and she will not sugarcoat your failure to follow the regulations. If you have the pleasure of using Courtney as your agent, l highly recommend you follow her suggestions. I decided I could clean my own home for a move out, and it did not pass her strict inspections. I did the recommended hiring for a clean out after that, and the difference in that clean compared to my own was embarrassing. The home looked new again! This same strict inspections given to myself as the homeowner, assures me that she is going to make sure our tenant leaves the house in a great condition. I felt as though Courtney was really working for the benefit of the home, versus myself being a "lazy", (okay maybe more cheap) homeowner. Yes, she is there for you, but the main goal is the care of your investment. I would rather have my investment cared for than my feelings. 

Excellent Communication

FINAL NOTE, I am constantly impressed with Courtney's quick and consistent communication. During a hurricane, my tenant and I were both notified of the procedures for securing the home. Afterwords, I was immediately emailed that there was no damage. A friend using a larger company, was given none of that communication during the storm. Another example of Courtney's diligence is with HOA notice issues we've had. Our tenants have received a few very minor notices, easily done by any new neighbor moving in. All I have to do is email her a picture of the warning, and within the afternoon, she has talked with the tenant about it, and gotten back to me on their conversation. Although it's been just been over half a year, our experience with Oak Trust thus far has had me recommending them to all friends. I always recommend Courtney. 

Thank you for taking the time to read our story and I hope this review helps anyone trying to decide on who will provide the best protection and care of their homes. 

The Moore Family.

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